Serangoon MRT Station Construction Stages

Serangoon MRT station is (MRT) Mass Rapid Transit underground trade station on the Circle Line and North East Line in Serangoon, Singapore. Situated at the crossing point of the high Serangoon Central and Serangoon Road. The new Garden Residences at Serangoon North Avenue 1 is located near to Serangoon MRT Station.

Named after the lodging home it is situated in, Serangoon is believed to be gotten from the ranggong fowl, a types of stork bottomless in the marshes around the Rangon River or Serangoon River, its old name. The numeral “one” or the satu in Malay curtailed to sa, prompted the name Serangoon.

Serangoon MRT Station Construction Stages

Serangoon station has four stages, with the (NEL) North East Line and the (CCL) Circle Line possessing two stages in an island stage plan, isolated by profundity. Full-tallness Platform screen entryways seclude the cooled station from the passage condition, improving suburbanite security and station comfort. Traveler Information Systems, that are plasma show screens situated at every stage, show expected train entry time and key messages. Material deck directs the outwardly impaired from the stage to the station exits and different stages on interfacing rail lines.


Circle Line and North East Line station concourses are both situated at Basement 1. They highlight faregates for programmed passage accumulation and gives access among paid and unpaid regions of the station, with somewhere around one bidirectional wide-swinging door to serve travelers in-wheelchairs and those conveying cumbersome things or going with prams.

Common Defense protect

Serangoon NEL station is one of thirteen stations along with the North East Line assigned as Civil Defense (CD) covers, which will be enacted in the midst of national crisis. Aside from strengthened development, the stations are structured and outfitted with offices to guarantee the haven condition is middle of the road for all shelterees amid asylum occupation.

Ways out

Serangoon MRT station has couple of ways (six) ways out (A, B, C, D, E and F) driving ground level, among which Exits D and F don’t offer obstruction free openness. Underground leaves G and H prompt Basement two of the nex shopping center.

Security Features at Serangoon MRT Station

Fire Extinguishers in different areas

All elevators outfitted with Emergency Stop catches

Emergency entryway handles enable the stage ways to be opened physically from the train-side in case of disappointment.


Serangoon station associates with a few transport stops in the region, and in addition taxi stands and traveler get focuses.


There is a transport trade and seven authority transport stops connected to Serangoon station.

Real Incidents at Serangoon MRT Station

In the year 2005 February, Circle Line uncovering work underneath the Serangoon NEL station kept running into a strangely substantial measure of groundwater, causing ground subsidence that influenced the North East Line station and also the Serangoon viaduct. The slight surprise in the station’s level implied trains needed to back off when leaving and entering the station, a precautionary measure against wrecking which kept going till the early long stretches of 2007.

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