Food Stalls at Serangoon Market and Food Centre

Do you need a place to eat and feel refreshed? Do you like heavenly food at a cheap and affordable price? If you were to ask me to direct you to where you will find the best food, I will lead you to Serangoon Market and Food Centre. You will agree with me once you taste the different dishes available in this market. Food at Serangoon Market and food centre is cheap and delicious.
They happen to have the best hawker restaurants in the country. If you want to sink your teeth into the best pancakes, check out Pancake King stall. The restaurant features the crispiest pancakes with soft and spongy insides. They are made from natural ingredients that you will definitely enjoy.

Foods at Serangoon Market and Food Centre

Garden Street Kway Chap prepares the most delicious way. The dish is very soft and tender, with rich flavors. The meat looks dry but it is lean and not fatty. It is also well braised and very tender. Serangoon Market and Food Centre is located at Serangoon Town which is a few minutes walk away from The Garden Residences at Serangoon North Avenue 1. The Garden Residences is by the developer Wing Tai Holdings and Keppel Land.

Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery is also another place where you can get the best pastries. Their signature marble cake is baked with the right flavors. They also serve various foods like luncheon meat buns, tuna buns, ikan bilis buns, otah buns. All these foods are freshly baked.

Food Stalls at Serangoon Market and Food Centre

There are limited food stalls such as nasi lemak stalls in Singapore that use basmati rice as an ingredient. It’s probably because it is a bit expensive. Basmati rice is light and its texture is fluffy. Aliff Nasi Lemak cooks their rice freshly-squeezed coconut milk and pandan leaves. Quality ikan bilis are also used. The wings get to be marinated with freshly ground spices. What’s better than having each bite have a mixture of crisp skin and tender meat? That’s not all, the sambal will definitely take you to food heaven!

Ah, Seng Braised Duck rice serves the real traditional Teochew-style braised duck. They use a light and tasty braising liquid. Each bite of duck meat is heavenly and has been brilliantly paired with the side of white rice drizzled with gravy.

People Queuing for Food at Serangoon Market and Food Centre

Soon Huat is a stall that is entertaining long queues always. If you visit this stall, try the pig’s organ soup. It is accompanied with the usual ingredients like liver, intestines, pork slices, and preserved vegetables. The broth has a brilliantly balanced saltiness and sweetness. There is a slight tanginess from the vegetables because they are always preserved. It’s also good to know that you can get a refill of soup free of charge.

To get the ultimate experience, dip the well-cleaned innards into the chili sauce and eat it with rice. Their pork knuckle is also an unforgettable dish. You have to try it.
It is best that you go to Serangoon Market and Food Centre in a group so as to get the best experience.

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