3000 Visitors for The Garden Residences Showflat Over the Weekend

Property development in the country is in the most recent times experiencing phenomenon growth. This is a development that is pleasant to know because the citizens of different social and economic class can have decent accommodation suitable for their affordability.

It is amazing to know that, after the completion of the garden and in what may be called “the premiere” which in Real Estate parlance is called “Showflat” drew well over 3,000 visitors who came to see the wonders of architectural design and the modern-day interior decoration.

3000 Visitors Visited The Garden Residences Showflat Over the Weekend

The show flat took place on Serangoon on North Avenue 1. It is also noteworthy to say that those that presently are comfortably accommodated in other estate or location are critically thinking of changing their accommodation. They want to live in the Garden Residences.

The offering price for a four-bedroom flat range between $1.380 and $1.8Million, yet there is the possibility of increased demand as the weeks go by. There are 516 units of the apartment which comprise the least of one-bedroom to four-bedroom featuring size 431sq ft to 1,528 sq ft. To make life comfortable for the residents of this estate; Garden Residences consist of supermarkets, childcare center, and other retail shops. There were many buyers who have good reviews of the development after visiting the showflat. Please also see the panic room design by the developer. There are also interior design packages as well as home insurance packages available for your consideration.

The Garden Residences Consist of Childcare, Retail and Supermarket

The most popular of the flats within potential buyers and residents in the garden are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The price of these flats range from $703,000, and they were the choices of the first sets of the buyer. They were largely attracted to the garden by its location. One of the buyers of the flat in Garden Residence, Alan Cheong a senior director of research and consultancy in Savills, Singapore has this to say about the condominium, “One of the most competitive amongst the recent launches.”

Smart Features in The Garden Residences Showflat


The Garden Residences is designed with the provision of smart enabled technology that will allow the residents to book condominium facilities and as well control their water hitter, air conditioner, and door locks. It is essentially a comfort beyond description.

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