This is a huge NEX Shopping Mall for you and your family. Here you can find everything you need for shopping and recreation. Ideal place for spending time for both tourists and residents of this city. Nex Shopping Mall is located near to Serangoon North Avenue 1 and is home to many amenities located around the area.

For your convenience on the 2nd basement floor there is a huge food court with many famous restaurants and fast food areas. Here you will find a snack that will be to your liking: noodles, rolls, bugres, freshly squeezed juices, coffee and etc. Such brands as Graffiti Cafe, Toast Box, Choke Spot, TAI LEI LOI KAY, McDONALS, MOSCHUER, MEN MEN DON DON and so on. Actually everything that can be found here. Also on the ground floor there is a supermarket COLD STORAGE. And another FAIRPRICE XTRA and ISETAN at the upper floor.

Nex Shopping Mall Food Court and Restaurants

Actually the store itself is packed with all sorts of famous brands of clothing, cosmetics, educational literature, art, everything for needlework, electronic markets and so on. No one will remain aloof and offended, having come to this place to buy. About 7 floors of entertainment and shopping outlets.

Nex Shopping Mall Cinema and Family time

Goods for children, toys, clothes, entertainment are also available! On the floors above there is a comfortable chic cinema in which you can estimate the scale and the number of films going all the time. For you your second half and children will be everything you just want. There is also a complex with entertaining attractions and apartments. Do you like air hockey? Or would you like to hit your friend in a race for two or win in fighter proving who is the most capable? Slot machines at your service!

Nex Shopping Mall Serangoon MRT Station

Not a shopping center but a dream of any person who wants to have a good time alone or in a good company. Do not be afraid to stop by and enjoy! Everything you need will always be at hand, and if you just came to look around, you are unlikely to go empty-handed! And yes: in the shopping center there is also a SERANGOON PUBLIC LIBRARY and fitness complex ANYTIME FITNESS! In general, an incredible place for a good holiday. If you have never been there it is highly recommended to go on a free day and go to the cinema for a new movie screening.

Several large food stores. What more do you like you can look into this! All for you and nearby! Getting to the NEX Shopping Mall is as easy as taking out the garbage from the apartment! The list of necessary vehicles is listed on the website and can easily be opened by you. More than 15 buses passing through the desired arrival point. Serangoon MRT station (NE12) (CC13), North East Line & Circle Line.