We have constantly become habituated to living in the concrete jungle that we’ve created by ourselves. Most of are used to seeing tall buildings all around us and feeling like home but some are still there who crave for greenery around them. They aspire to live in a place that is surrounded by plants and trees. They love the touch of nature around them.

The demand to live in such places has been constantly increasing. Even in the concrete jungles, architects are now trying to plant as much of greenery as possible in the vicinity of new structures that are being constructed. Apart from the natural beauty that they add to the entire place, they also benefit the atmosphere and the population living there.

Green Spaces at The Garden Residences

If you are planning to have a new home, why not try choosing a place where it is green all around. It might cost you a little bit more than what an apartment or house would in a normal area, but don’t you think that a little bit extra from your bank balance would be worth all the beauty, peace and morning bliss?

There’s a lot going on in the world regarding building areas that are surrounded by greenery. A project in Singapore District 8 named Martin Modern that wasinitiated in the month of July last year is supposed to be inaugurated by 2021. The specialty about this place would be that 80% of its total area will be covered with gardens that will be having plants of more than 200 and trees of more than 50 species.

Green Spaces Around the Residential Area

More such projects are under construction that are about to show the world a totally new phase of living in concrete houses that are built within or in vicinity of lush green gardens including Twin Vew, The Garden Residences and ParcBotannia.

Twin Vew is yet another project that offers greenery all around the residence area. It is situated in West Coast of District 5 and the project includes various types of gardens such as Sky Garden, Mist Garden, and Herb Garden. The residence will also offer a riverside living and a panoramic view of the Pandan Reservoir.

The Garden Residences is supposed to have plants of 100 different species in its specially curated garden. There will be medicinal plants such as that of curry leaves and aloe vera. There will also be regions where residents will be allowed to grow their own choice of herbs and spices.

100 Different Species of Plant at Curated Garden

The project ParcBotannia will be a nature themed park that will consist of tree maze themed garden and floral trellis. Residents of the ParcBotannia will also be allowed to grow their choice of vegetables as well as fruits.

These big projects of Singapore are sure to add an exceptional element to the beauty of the country. With such initiatives Singapore is second in the world with respect to green buildings. The beauty that these projects will unleash is something that cannot be described in words but can only be seen (once complete) and appreciated.